​Our skilled craftspersons' years of experience in state-of art mold- making techniques set Delta Cast Stone apart from its competetors.
We can help the architect, construction contractors, or renovation/restoration specialist incorporate traditional or unique architectural elements into any project.

Pieces such as fountains, column, capitals and bases, balusters, pier caps, copings, sills, quoins, plaques, raised or recessed letter sign panels, urns, fireplaces, etc. can be fabricated in any quantity
ppand are guaranteed to fully confirm to your specifications.

Highly detailed molds can be fabricated to faithfully reproduce new designs or or to produce replicas which are virtually indistinguishable from an original. Our associated artists can also sculpt elements for your one-of-a-kind projects.

Whether your project requires original and innovative decorative motifs or classical architectural features, Delta Cast Stone would like the opportunity to help you find cost-effective solutions.

Cast Stone pieces incorporate anchering systems appropriate for ease of installation and structural integrity. Our staff can assist in designing anchering systems for your one-of-a-kind cast stone projects. Cast stone is cured under dense fog in our temperture-controlled curing room befor shipping.

Delta Cast Stone delivers competetively priced cast stone and precast concrete product,  we have the special expertise in finding efficient approaches to unique and complicated projects.


Skilled Craftspersons with years of experience would prepair the highly detailed molds in our mold shop facility.

Detail elements

Highly detailed molds were made from A detoriated originial Urn and casted in Architectural Cast Stone.
Capital Bldg. Jefferson City, Missouri


Replicas were made from fire damaged Finial.
Restoration work, Wichita, Kansas